Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers day!

My daughter was the first to call and wish me a happy mothers day at 7:30 today.. Love you dena!

Emmy is still on the crutches,her foot is feeling a bit better though.
For those that don't know.. Emmy was dared by some little boy's to jump off a wall... She did!! The boys chickenned out!! Go figure..
She has bruised her foot all the way to the bone,

Happy Birthday Emmy!!

Emmy turned 7 years old yesterday, we had a nice party , she has a blast!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, 2/12/2012

We were suppossed to get snow yesterday but luckly it turned to rain! I have a cold, not much fun..
Thanks to all my friends that let Emmy play yesterday with their kids over at their houses!! YEA FRIENDS!!! I got to rest a bit.
Sabrina and the baby are at the other Grand moms house visiting her and sabrinas boyfriend (The baby daddy) He is so good with the baby...
Sabrina found a really good guy, he has been there with her the whole time and just Loves her and his son.

Emmy is suppossed to go over there today to play with his sisters little girl..
Me, I plan on doing some domestic stuff here... fun fun....

Monday, January 30, 2012


Had a semi quiet day... Emmy had her friend over to play most of the day.
They were fairly quiet..LOL
Hubby watched football and I got to take a NAP!! Yea me..
I woke up late afternoon, made me some coffee and thought about what to cook for dinner, I finially decieded to just put a pizza in the oven and make a salad and call it a meal!
Emmys friend went home and OMG her room looks like it imploaded!!
Guess who has to clean that up? Well they were quietly playing thats a plus ..right? lol
I will be spending the better part of the day tomorrow cleanning her room while she is in school...
At some point I will pick up Sabrina and the baby, she visits the baby daddy and his other Grand mom on the weekends. They are so good to her and they just love the baby, she is lucky to have them..
I gotta go... Mob wives is about to come on... LOVE that show...
Night All.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

One day

I will have a Drama free day.....
OK so maybe an hour!

I will have a Perfectly behaved child...
OK.. so maybe at least not a Sticky Child!

I will have the money to take a Tropical vacation..
OK, dose the scent of Tropical dish soap count?

I will have the Perfect hair day...
OK .. at least have a free minute to blow dry it!

I will get my makeup on stright before someone calls "MOMMY"....
ok.. at least I keep trying.. right?

I will get to read something that dose not start off with "Once upon a time"..
ok, I did read a recipie the other day!

I will make my bed Before I get in it again...
ok.. I did change and wash sheets the other day...

I will have self cleanning appliences....
OK.. The only self cleanning thing I have here is the CAT.. But that counts.. right?

I will so Miss all the everyday normal things that come with it all....
OK.. so I'm HAPPY!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy b-day

Happy Birthday Lee.....
I miss you sis....
Your still in my thoughts everyday...
I Love you..