Monday, July 28, 2008

Pope's girl!!

After working 15 hours a day , This Wonderful man I married still finds time and energy to play with our Daughter. And on Sat. Night she wanted to dance! So Dance they did!! I am soo Blessed..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Pink day!

JULY 20. 2008

We spent yesterday in R.I. at a Birthday party for two of my youngest Grand daughters! It was a Very Pink day!! Such fun they had , the 3 youngest little girl's trying soo hard to hit the pinyata and break it open to see the treasures inside,They Hit him on the head, they Hit him on the back, they swong and missed him, they swong and hit his tail, but still no goodies apeared! Finially Adrianna (the 5 year old B-day girl) went over and just ripped him open!! Too funny! They recieved a shower of tootsy rolls, chocolates and lolli pops, for all their hard work! Then 3 little girls passed out candy's to all the kids there.. They shared, without even being told too!! What amazing children they are!

I am soo very blessed ! We all had a WONDERFUL day... sharing!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 1, 2008

It is with great pain I write this entry,
I posted a picture I recieved for Mothers day of my son's baby's ultra sound,
They lost him...
My son called, he got to hold his little boy for a while.. My heart is broken for him ,and for the Mom that will cry and ask "Why" but never get comfort from any answer.The hospital took baby pictures for them, Joel said the baby looks like he is just sleeping, My son named him Joel Jr. and he said he begged him to just wake up! OMG, I am in such hurt way down deep where a Mother hurts for her child, its not like any other kind of pain you feel, its a Mothers pain, When your child hurts the most unbareable hurt and you can't take it away!!!How can such total JOY in adopting Emmy transform into such pain in my grandson's still birth>????I take some comfort in knowing he is in Summerland, in the Goddesses arms, Goddess is a Mother too and she know's the pain Kena and Joel are in.... She will comfort.....