Thursday, April 17, 2008


April 17, 2008

Aparently this is the way a 2 year old ( almost 3) uses a DORA potty seat! What can I say? She is too funny!!! She is sitting on her potty, I bought the Dora one to fit on the regular toilet, thinking maybe she would like it better then the potty chair!
Well, what can I say, she IS using Both!!! LOL.
Brightest Blessings....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cuz she can!!

Emmy dose what I am guessing millions of children out there do... She SCREAMS! She discovered she can do that and she has pretty much decieded that SHE LIKES IT!! I am sure if she applied her self, she could be an Opra singer, she sure can hit some of the highest Octives I have ever heard!

I am waiting for the day she screaches and my glasses start shatering!!LOL!

I have recieved several requests of late from people, all trying to help in the effort to SHUT her up.. I am NOT of the opinion that I should interfear with her ability to belt out such high notes. I look at this as a creative time for her and me too, she is learning the limits of her voice... I am learning to greatly extend the limits of my patients and both are good things to learn....
Looks like she is crying, don't it? Well she 's not, see how much Passion she put's into a SCREAM? How do I justify trying to stop that kind of passion?
Brightest Blessings

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out on the Deck!!

Emmy and I spent the day outside on the deck, It is Beautiful out today.Emmy has a plant pot out there, so I gave her some seeds and she planted them ever so carefully. Then I gave her the watering can with some water in it, and she procieded to water her seed's...

And at the same time give the lady on the deck below us a SHOWER!!!

I forgot there are little spaces in the floor of my deck! OOPS!!!

Anyway Emmy had a ball and she got very very dirty!! LOL!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Take The Quiz...

I AM...Elizabeth Bennet!

You are Elizabeth Bennet of Pride & Prejudice! You are intelligent, witty, and tremendously attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders, and oftentimes find yourself the lone beacon of reason in a sea of ridiculousness. You take great pleasure in many things. You are proficient in nearly all of them, though you will never own it. Lest you seem too perfect, you have a tendency toward prejudgement that serves you very ill indeed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Wed. April,2 2008
31 years ago at this time of day, I was waiting the birth of you, my only daughter.. I still remember every detale of that day very well. Back then they did not do ultra sounds, so your baby stayed a mystery till the moment of birth, then and only then did you know if you had a son or daughter.
For some reason , I just knew you were a she!
My baby girl, Dena..
You were beautiful, and you were loud, you still are .LOL!
You have a spirit and strength you recieved from all the women in our line that have gone before you,The kind that can't be crushed or erraced, the kind that grows stronger with every generation.
Happy Birthday Dena.. I love you.