Friday, October 31, 2008

I Used it!!

My Unity Tree!!! Yep, I snuck it from Emmy late last night... Here is my card...


First, If you haven't done so yet, check out the Great Stamps at Unity..

And join us for HIP HOP on Thursdays at 10 AM CST,over at SCS for A day of fun at HIP HOP!! Just go to the web site and click on Unity Blog...

Here are a couple cards I made using Unity stamps...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Princess and the PEA???

I was putting clothes away the other night in Emmy's room and when I came out to the living room... This is where she was...

I guess when you're 3 , what better to do than pile the couch cushions and climb up on em!!
Brightest Blessings to ALL...

Please Pray

For Ashley, she is a Beautiful little girl that has gone through so much and is still fighting.. Here is her blog..

One Highjacked Stamp!!

Today I got my rubber stamp order from Unity stamps, They have the Most beautiful stamps , you have to check them out

Anyway, Emmy openned the envelope and she dumped the stamps on the table and she left the envelope.. Well after checking I realized I did not have one stamp in the order it's a Beautiful Tree, so I called the girls at Unity, they are so nice, they said they were sending me out the stamp right away! Great right? WRONG!!!

I went into Emmy's room and there sitting on the shelf with her dolls... YEP my TREE!!!! OMG!!

I went to take it and Emmy yells "MY LIKE IT ,SIT'S MINE"

OK Then.. Now I E mail the girls back at Unity, tell them I found the Tree stamp but my 3 year old won't let me have it!!LOL!!

I got Emmy to sit and make a card with HER tree stamp..

She still has the stamp but now she has hid it somewhere! LOL. I will be ordering another one for ME. I cant take it from her, she just Loves it to much!!!

Brightest Blessings to ALL