Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I got me a new digital camera today, Love, Love it!!! My old one takes really good pictures if you can get it all taped up to stay shut! Yep, it was time for a new camera. It's been a really good week for me so far, I would like to Thank my favorite Blogger Dairy wife.You can find her at...http://thesiekmantriplets.blogspot.com/ She is truly an amazing woman,I won a hand made photo charm from her, I can't wait to see it, she dose amazing work.
Anyway, Emmy has started settling in to this new home, She still yell's HEATHER, DIEGO.. Heather lived in the condo up stairs from us and her cat's name is Diego, Emmy Love's that cat! She just dosent understand that Heather is not upstairs now!! But we are not far from the old place so Heather is here all the time. Hubby went and got his Plazma 50 inch TV.. It's beautiful! Our other big screen TV is now in our room.. The room I have here is sooo Great! I am loving it! It's so nice not to be tripping over thing's now.I have a Huge closet in the kitchen, I have all my scrapbooking stuff in it, now I can just open the closet doors and scrap right at the kitchen table. I am so very Blessed! I remember that every day too!!
Brightest Blessings to All.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welp, We are MOVED in . What a week! I have been soo sick, I finially went to the doctor's yesterday, I have an ear infection, swollen, inflamed throat and bronchitis ! No wonder I had a fever last week!!Anyway, now it's getting everything unpacked, put away, hung up, ETC....
I totally forgot about Thanksgiving!! OMG, I ran out yesterday to get a turkey breast and fixings for dinner.. So we will be having Turkey! Emmy just Love's her new room, she has so much space now, she has been playing in there since we moved! Her and I have had two TEA party's and a few Lunche's at her little table in her room.I must admit, I look forward to it, it's the best fun!!
Brightest Blessings to All...

Monday, November 5, 2007

We found a bigger house!!! Finially, we are moving Now I am packing up and Emmy is UNPACKING!! She is too cute! She dose'nt understand why everything is going into boxes now, she keeps taking thing's out and putting them back . I will get it all packed eventually... we are suppossed to move this weekend!
It's not a big farm house.. but the room's are huge, I will have a lot more room there.. I'm happy.
Brightest Blessings to All.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Isolation! Thats where I am right now, I am feeling very alone here in CT. all my family and friends are not in theis state.
We still have not found the right house to move to.. I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself today! I know I should'nt, I have soo very much to be gratefull for.
I think it's just everything right now, I need a bigger house to live in, a yard for Emmy to run in. I am also thinking about my grand children, all in DCF custody right now, they are taking away my daughter's right's. I feel hurt and pain right to my very soul and there is NOTHING I can do to fix it! I am her MOM after all, MOM'S FIX THING"S!!! but this thing, I can not fix and its eating me up inside! I keep telling myself "IF she had only listenned to me" when I tried to tell her she was screwing up!
But like many , she did not listen and look now what has happenned! I am not beating myself up for this anymore, I am beyond that now, all the "WHAT IF"S" but I still hurt for the children. I miss them, Now the only time I see them is at a controlled visit, for about an hour a month..I just needed to Vent a little, I feel better now..
Brightest Blessings to ALL..