Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 9, 2008

Emmy's Shoping Trip!!!
Hubby decieded that Emmy needed a new bedroom, soo off we went to Toy's r us!
As soon as we walked in Emmy said "WOW" Her whole face lit up.
Just seeing that made the trip.
As we rounded the corner where the toddler beds are displayed, she let out a yell "DORA BED".
Hubby proceeded to load one Dora Bed into the cart. Followed by a complete DORA comforter bed set.. Following that into the cart was a DORA toy box.. I thought he was done but as we proceeded down the isle, there on a shelf sat a BIG stuffed DORA chair! YEP, into the cart it went..Now we are done? Not quite, up at the register, what dose Hubby spot? A new DORA DVD, well she need's that too! Emmy's face as she watched and touched all her new treasures in the cart, was Priceless! I am posting all the pictures with this..
We finially left the store, Put Emmy in her carseat and all her new Dora things around her, she got a hold of the Dora chair and held it over her head all the way home...
She could'nt wait to get in the house and open her bed! She even helped dad put it together!! The whole day was priceless, Being able to make her face light up with excitement is my treasure!
Brightest Blessings to ALL...

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Nan said...

What a lucky girl! It's so precious to see that excited face.