Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Broom closet!!

I was up at 3A M today! Wide awake. I like that time of morning, when everything is still and silent as if nature is just waiting for the sun to kiss the moon good bye for another set of hours! It's really the only time I have just for ME, almose as if Isolated from the world for a few breef hours till the morning dawn's again in all its glory, and the rest of the sleeping world is awakenned by it's brillence.
I take great pleasure in being allowed to be awake for this splended event , to be able to watch as the sun cracke's through the heaven's and take's controll for yet another day!
I can feel the power in what I am seeing in the vast heavens, I watch as the night scurring animals head up a retrete, to find shelter for the day, only to be seen again at the crack of dark , when the sun will again be overtaken by the moon, so the cycle goes.
As I have my coffee and look out at the morning's aproach, I am reminded again as I am every day, Just how Blessed I am, I have a wonderful Husband, a Beautiful little Witchling sent stright from the Goddess into our care, And I have the sunrise and sunset to view in amazement, I could ask for no more! I am rich far beyond wealth can bring .And I am HAPPY!!
Brightest Blessings to All.

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Tanya Siekman said...

I read this post three times. It said to me that 'if you're happy, you're rich.' ... and that applies to everyone. I too am happy and rich.

Some people think rich only applies to money. Oh how wrong they are.