Thursday, September 27, 2007

AS the Broom sweeps!

Thursday 7:45 A M..
Another day started, I can here my little Witchling rolling around in her bed, She will be up soon..
She always wakes up with a smile, in a good mood.
Goddess has given her the most beautiful eyes, And personality.
I am believing she is an Indigo child. She has all the charactoristics, and behaivors of one. I know she possesses the ability to see the spirits, she talks to one in pectular all the time here. I believe it's a little boy, and they play and talk!
She has not been told yet that "YOU can't see Ghosts".
I will never tell her that because you can if your open to them!
Welp, here is little Witch, I'm off to make some breakfast....
Brightest Blessings to All..

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