Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Soda Bottle Michael!

Hi all, Ok sooo this is how I spent my day..
My Great Grand son has a project for school.. Hes 7
Its to make a person out of a soda bottle! Welp he picked Micheal Jackson!! so I made this for him ..
First I painted the bottle then I cut out the pants and both sides of Jacket from felt, the shirt is from foam, the head is a Styrofoam ball I panted I hot glued the clothes onto the bottle I painted the back of the head Black and added some twisty yar, I glued a pipe cleaner in the sleeve to hold up his hand.. It was fun to make! But that was MY DAY!!


ike said...

OMGoodness........ that is just so AWESOME. Brilliant make Tink xxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda Israel said...

That turned out awesome! You are an awesome grandmother to help him with this project. Love how it turned out. you are very clever.