Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Wed. April,2 2008
31 years ago at this time of day, I was waiting the birth of you, my only daughter.. I still remember every detale of that day very well. Back then they did not do ultra sounds, so your baby stayed a mystery till the moment of birth, then and only then did you know if you had a son or daughter.
For some reason , I just knew you were a she!
My baby girl, Dena..
You were beautiful, and you were loud, you still are .LOL!
You have a spirit and strength you recieved from all the women in our line that have gone before you,The kind that can't be crushed or erraced, the kind that grows stronger with every generation.
Happy Birthday Dena.. I love you.

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Nan said...

I felt it, the tug of "remembering everything about that day" I do that too, it amazes me how I can remember so clearly this life changing event as having a child is, but then I can't remember where I put the keys if I don't hang them up as soon as I walk in the door! I guess that's not a good comparison, since finding keys you misplaced is NOT the same as a life changing event as giving birth is huh? Happy Birthday to your daughter!