Monday, April 14, 2008

Cuz she can!!

Emmy dose what I am guessing millions of children out there do... She SCREAMS! She discovered she can do that and she has pretty much decieded that SHE LIKES IT!! I am sure if she applied her self, she could be an Opra singer, she sure can hit some of the highest Octives I have ever heard!

I am waiting for the day she screaches and my glasses start shatering!!LOL!

I have recieved several requests of late from people, all trying to help in the effort to SHUT her up.. I am NOT of the opinion that I should interfear with her ability to belt out such high notes. I look at this as a creative time for her and me too, she is learning the limits of her voice... I am learning to greatly extend the limits of my patients and both are good things to learn....
Looks like she is crying, don't it? Well she 's not, see how much Passion she put's into a SCREAM? How do I justify trying to stop that kind of passion?
Brightest Blessings


JUST A MOM said...

you both got more then I do... good luck.

Nan said...

I have a grandson who would be her duet partner, his isn't a new found skill though, he's been a screamer since he was out of the womb! If we go anywhere with him in public, we usually get a few nasty looks if he decides to screech out a good one, he will be 3 in June, so they are close in age I guess.