Monday, January 30, 2012


Had a semi quiet day... Emmy had her friend over to play most of the day.
They were fairly quiet..LOL
Hubby watched football and I got to take a NAP!! Yea me..
I woke up late afternoon, made me some coffee and thought about what to cook for dinner, I finially decieded to just put a pizza in the oven and make a salad and call it a meal!
Emmys friend went home and OMG her room looks like it imploaded!!
Guess who has to clean that up? Well they were quietly playing thats a plus ..right? lol
I will be spending the better part of the day tomorrow cleanning her room while she is in school...
At some point I will pick up Sabrina and the baby, she visits the baby daddy and his other Grand mom on the weekends. They are so good to her and they just love the baby, she is lucky to have them..
I gotta go... Mob wives is about to come on... LOVE that show...
Night All.

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