Saturday, October 8, 2011

One month left!!!

Yep, one month till I am a GREAT Grandma!! OMG!!

My Grand daughter (She lives with me) will be a Mom in Nov..

I am now in the middle of planning a baby shower, getting things moved around to fit a crib and all the other baby things..

I am looking forward to taking family pictures, my Mom is still with us and this will be her GREAT GREAT grandchild.. OMG, I so want a picture with my Mom, me, My daughter, Her daughter and Her daughter's son. Yep its a baby boy! But imagin a picture of 5 generations! Thats one of lifes great moments that dose not happen often enough..

Anywho, I am sooo going crazy just trying to put together shower favors.. I want something people can use, not just like candy filled baby booties etc.

I have been thinking about maybe candles, or little shower gels with a puff, that will say "From our shower to your's" Cute huh?

I dont know yet...

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