Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Sunday full of SUNSHINE!

Today I have two cards and a Toilet! Thats right A TOILET but its the CUTEST one you will ever see...LOL

For this card I used the Christmas tree image, colored with my Prismacolor pencils and some glitter pens, the paper used is from my Xmas Slab from Micheals. I added a satin bow.

This card I used the image Xmas Prezzies, colored it with glitter pens,

I tried to recapture "Back in the day" I remember we had a Silver tree with that round color light wheel that sat Proudly on the floor and rotated making the tree 3 different colors, RED, Green & Blue, It was Magical!

Being a child looking at what seemed then to be a HUGE tree in the middle of the living room and then to see it changing colors... was Pure magic!

I hope my card recaptures some Magic for ALL of you!!

K, now this is by far the Funnyest Image I have ever used! I sooo LOVE it..

I knew as soon as it was sent to me what HAD to be done with it..

My First thought was of the Thanksgiving dinner I cooked and then ATE WAY way too much of....

and this was kinda the result!!! I am still LAUGHING!!!


I LOVE it! I cut out the Toilet shaped card then cut out another image, and another one.. the third image I cut pieces out and Paper pieced eye lids and lashes, the seat, the tank top and the Flusher! I glued them all on the second image and colored it with Copic's, then I glued it to the cut out card.

I also paper pieced the Plunger! I added my OWN sentament on the front and Inside..

You can find these and MANY more Fantastic images right here..

Have a Wonderful Sunday full of SUNSHINE!!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh you are a riot! that toilet AND the sentiment is absolutely hysterical!

and i sooooo remember that silver/white xmas tree with those lights. i think every house on the block had one!!!!

big hugs,

Sunshine said...

YOur tree cards are awesome! Flushie....ROFLMAO!! Too cute!! ; ^D

Kym Weber said...

Love how you did the seat on the toilet - looks padded! Awesome! Your trees are wonderful!