Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So How was your afternoon??

OK, so this is My afternoon!! Im in the kitchen starting supper and all of a sudden it starts Pouring... In MY KITCHEN!! Yep and then it starts rainning in my living room... all over everything!! My computer, sterio, etc.. I am sooo agravated! After almost an HOUR of this, the matenance people figure out that the guy upstairs took a shower and his little boy flooded the kitchen sink and was spraying the sprayer thing on the sink all over the place!!! OMG!!Mish your stamp set is now DRYING!! I have 2 campbells soup antique dolls that are now soaked!! ...They are all Yellow now from whatever from the cieling!!! OMG!! What a MESS I have here now!! I dont know where to start!!!

OH Did I mention that it also went into my supper I was making?? Well it did!! I ordered Pizza!!


rachelsigmak said...

OH NO!!!! Good luck with all that!

Cindy Haffner said...

Cute dolls.