Saturday, December 22, 2007

We are heading to R.I. tomorrow, for a Yule visit (DCF) with my grand kids. I can't wait to see them again, yet I still hurt with the kind of pain only a mother can know. The pain that live's right inside your soul somewhere and never leaves you.
My Daughter called me last night, she was wrapping gift's for all her kids and she was crying! She won't see them on Xmas day, she will not see the joy in there eye's, she will not be able to hug them , she won't hear them say "Mommy, I love you"
There will be no Yule dinner at her house this year as there was none last year either, It has been 2 years now since they took her children.
It is here fault, she never got her priorities stright, Still, she is MY child and my heart is broken for her.
she will get to see them for an Hour tomorrow, Not neerly enough time to be with your children!
She has 7, the new baby is only a month old now.
For the most part, they are with family, they are loved and very well taken care of, they are also going to be adopted very soon by the people that have them, I am one, I was lucky enough to get Emmy when she was a little baby.
I just wrapped the present's We are taking , and I cry, I cry for what they have gone through, I cry for MY child, why did'nt she just listen to me when I tried to tell her?She would have her kids had she LISTENED!! I cry for not being able to see them often enough. I cry that they are seperated.And I cry because it all just HURT'S!
Tomorrow will be full of joy and heartache, it's so hard saying "BYE" to them,
Brightest Blessings to ALL...

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oh man I know I am way back some palce much be december so I need or you need a date on your posts and a arcive button... I would love to read your whole blog.