Thursday, October 18, 2007

This to will pass! SOON???

I Was reading my favorite blog Dairy wife, I have the same problem with my 2 year old.. I think I am raising an OWL!!! She dose NOT sleep! I have not slept in Month's...
She dose not take nap's either and still, I am trying to get her to sleep sometime before midnight!! LOL!
There is'nt enough coverup on the planet for the BAG's I am getting under my eyes!!
Forget any romance... By the time she finially goes to sleep, I am exhusted and Hubby is sound asleep!!
I think 2 year old have a LOT of nerve having Temper Tantrums!!!
I need to have one! LOL
I do however allow myself 5 minutes a day to have a total breakdown! It work's, try it..
I usually go into the bathroom and wring face cloths, while engageing in some very colorfull conversation with the woman in my mirror. She was once smart and SANE!!! LOL..
I would settle now just to be able to go PEE in peace!
I just went to check on Emmy, she put three rolls of toilet paper into the sink and had the water running!!! Ever wring out toilet paper?? YUCK!!! I look on the bright side.. she could have put it into the toilet and flushed, All in all it's not so bad... Anyone have a roll I can borrow now till I get to the store????
Brightest Blessings to ALL.

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The Dairy Wife said...

that is funny. sounds like emmy is right on track. just don't let her put a whole container of wet wipes down the toilet ... you'll be pulling up the toilet! it's not pretty.